KEP Technologies, your partner for the design and implementation of creative and economically efficient industrial and technological solutions.

For nearly 25 years, we’ve accrued strong experience and expertise in our strive to build ever more efficient solutions. Continuous improvement of our technological, economic and industrial performance lies at the heart of all we do.

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  • KEP_Technologies-sales_revenue 74M€ in sales revenue
  • KEP_Technologies-employees 620 employees
  • KEP_Technologies-annual_growth 10% annual growth
  • KEP_Technologies-revenue_generated_europe 45% sales revenue generated outside Europe
  • KEP-Technologies-workforce_r_d 10% of the workforce in R&D
  • KEP_Technologies-annual_turnover_reinvested 5% of annual turnover reinvested
  • KEP_Technologies-industrial_surface 32 000 m² of industrial surface

our global offerIndustrial & technological solutions

We are focused on four activities / brands: the design and manufacture of metal assemblies (KEP METAL SOLUTIONS), materials characterization (SETARAM), industrial control (SETSMART) and nuclear measurement (SETSAFE).
Our strong capacity for innovation combined with our long experience in engineering enables us to support our customers, industrial groups and research institutes in the implementation of reliable, qualitative and economically efficient solutions.
All of our solutions are deployed around the world in a variety of markets.

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Together we are KEP TechnologiesOur brands

  • Logo_KEP_Metal_Solutions

    KEP Metal Solutions

    Design and Production of Metal Assemblies

  • Logo_Setsmart


    Industrial Control

  • Logo_Setsafe


    Nuclear Measurement

  • Logo_Setaram


    Material Characterization

Our diversity of activitiesOur Markets

Diversification has been at the center of KEP TECHNOLOGIES Group’s strategy since its creation. This has allowed us to develop solutions for various markets such as aeronautics, defense, research, energy and environment and luxury. This expertise acquired allows us to master the expectations and specific constraints of diverse markets.

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KEP Technologies is constantly looking for new talent to support its growth. The Group offers many advantages in terms of career development and international opportunities, while maintaining its family character and human dimension. A wide range of professions allow you to exercise your skills and expertise. We await your application !