Privacy Policy


Who is the data controller?

This website is edited by KEP TECHNOLOGIES SA (hereafter KEP TECHNOLOGIES), represented by its President, Mr. Jean-Pierre CALZARONI. KEP TECHNOLOGIES is the responsible for the processing of your personal data.
You can find more information in the legal notices

What data do we collect about you and for what purposes?

By personal data (hereafter PD), we mean any information that allows us to identify you either directly or indirectly, within the meaning of article 4.1 of the GDPR. In accordance with the principle of data minimization, data collections are limited to the strict minimum. Each form clearly indicates the data that is strictly necessary to achieve the purpose. If you are led to communicate to KEP TECHNOLOGIES personal data of third parties, make sure to inform them beforehand, or even to ask for their agreement.

KEP TECHNOLOGIES is led to treat PDs by means of forms:

Last name, First name, Company, Country, City, CV, cover letter and email address

These forms are for the purposes of :

  • Application management (job offer form and spontaneous application form)
  • Management of contact requests (contact form)
  • Management of the premium member account (premium member registration form)
  • Newsletter management (newsletter registration form)

In addition, during the consultation of this site, cookies are deposited on your computer, tablet or smartphone. These cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • to manage the audience measurement of the website (KEP TECHNOLOGIES anonymizes IP addresses)
  • to manage the tags on our website
  • to manage video content on our site 
  • to manage your session
  • to manage anti-spam

The user can manage cookie settings through the “Cookie Management” menu (link to the cookie management module). In addition, you can block them by using a browser that, by default, refuses cookies or by configuring your browser so that it transmits to the website your wish not to be “tracked”.

What legal basis authorizes KEP TECHNOLOGIES to collect your data?

The legal basis of a processing is what legally authorizes its implementation, which gives the right to an organization to process personal data.

The processing of your personal data by KEP TECHNOLOGIES is based on :

The legitimate interest of KEP TECHNOLOGIES to respond to your requests for the purposes of :

  • management of contact requests
  • application management

The legitimate interest of KEP TECHNOLOGIES to measure the audience of its website for the purpose of :

  • management of the website’s audience measurement

The legitimate interest of KEP TECHNOLOGIES to secure its website for :

  • the management of your session
  • anti-spam management

Your consent for :

  • the management of the newsletter
  • management of the premium member account
  • management of video content on our site

Your consent can be withdrawn at any time by contacting us (see DPO contact information below).

How long do we keep your data?

Your personal data is stored in a database and transmitted to the relevant departments. Depending on the purpose of the processing, different retention periods are applied :

  • management of contact requests: depending on the purpose of the message (for more information, please contact our DPO)
  • management of applications: 2 years from the date you send us your application unless you agree to a longer period of time
  • audience measurement management, session management, anti-spam management, management of video content on our site: 13 months
  • newsletter management: 3 years from the last commercial contact
  • management of the premium member account: 3 years from the last commercial contact

Who are the recipients of the personal data we collect?

Internally, your PDs are processed by KEP TECHNOLOGIES staff and trainees according to the authorizations defined according to the different purposes:

  • management of the contact form: the department concerned by the subject of the message (for more information, do not hesitate to contact our DPO)
  • application management: human resources department
  • audience measurement management, session management, anti-spam management, management of video content on our site, newsletter management, management of the premium member account: sales department, marketing department and communication department.

Externally, are likely to have access to some of your data:

Your consent for :
The subcontractors of KEP TECHNOLOGIES, on the basis of signed contracts mentioning their obligations in terms of PD protection, for :

  • the management of the website
  • the hosting of the website (by OVH whose servers are located in France)
  • audience measurement and tag management
  • the reCAPTCHA
  • the management of video content on our site
  • customer relationship management through our CRM
  • the protection of your personal data
  • Our commercial partners, on the basis of signed agreements mentioning their obligations regarding the protection of PDs
  • Police authorities, judicial or administrative authorities, based on our legal obligations in this matter

How is the personal data processed by this site secured?

As data controller, we implement appropriate technical and organizational measures in accordance with the applicable legal provisions, to protect your personal data against alteration, accidental or unlawful loss, unauthorized use, disclosure or access, with the implementation of a general company IT security policy.

All pages of this site that allow the entry of personal data are encrypted with the TLS 1.3 protocol (https). KEP TECHNOLOGIES commits itself to protect the PDs processed within the framework of this site, in the respect of the state of the art, and thanks you not to hesitate to report any sign that could indicate a lack of security.

How can I exercise my rights under the regulations?

In accordance with the regulations, you can exercise your rights of access, right of rectification, right of deletion, right of limitation, right of opposition and right of data portability. You also have the right to define guidelines on the fate of your data after your death.

To do so, you can send a postal mail to ” KEP TECHNOLOGIES – 1198 AV DR MAURICE DONAT – 06250 MOUGINS” or an e-mail to, justifying your identity by the most appropriate means. KEP TECHNOLOGIES will endeavour to respect the deadlines set out in the GDPR in order to respond to your request.

At any time, if you consider that your rights have not been respected, you can also file a complaint with the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL).